Are you concerned about your child’s education and safety during these challenging times?

At Niagara Academy, we have been faced with these same concerns: how to ensure the safety of our students and staff during a global pandemic, while at the same time maintaining the same quality of education we have provided for the past 23 years.

In the middle of March 2020, Niagara Academy transitioned successfully to a synchronous (real-time) online format, enabling us to satisfy both of those concerns. Until the end of the school year, we maintained our regular timetable in a virtual classroom for our local and international students, with our teachers present for the duration of all classes.

For the coming school year, we will be implementing the outstanding learning management system, Brightspace from D2L. To supplement last year’s successful experience in education, this platform will allow even greater engagement for students and parents.

Being a medical doctor, Niagara Academy’s president, Dr. Sivakumar Annamalai has a professional interest in the health and safety of students and staff. As a parent with children attending the academy, he also has a personal interest in the quality of education offered to Niagara Academy students.

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