Parent And Guardian Guidelines

1. Creating a Physical environment to learn

Depending on your circumstances, we encourage Niagara Academy parents to provide a dedicated space for their child’s online learning. Ideally, the learning space should be quiet, within a public space or family room. Finding a space that can be quiet, understanding that there may be some exceptions, would be beneficial. Depending on the age of the child, having a parent/guardian present would be helpful.

2. Establishing a routine and expectations for Online Learning

By providing a schedule, aligned with familiar classes and faculty members, we hope to establish a weekly routine. Parents can play a key role in the successful implementation of an online learning program by maintaining normal bedtime routines (for all ages!). Routines can easily go astray if not monitored closely. Developing a consistent routine will go a long way towards ensuring the best possible outcome in your online learning program.


3. Monitoring communications and checking-in

Niagara Academy faculty will be using our Learning Management System (Brightspace), to communicate with parents. We encourage parents to become familiar with our leaning platform and to that end, an information document will be sent to families with relevant platform details as the school year nears.

As always, email and phone will continue to be a source of communication for parents/guardians for all inquiries, or concerns.