Student Guidelines

1. Identify a comfortable, quiet space in your home where you can work effectively and successfully.

2. As much as possible, video conferencing should be set up to eliminate backgrounds that provide information on personal lives and locations of participants (simple white or light-coloured backgrounds work best).

3. Come to each synchronous session on time and ready to learn. Mute your microphone until you are told otherwise so everyone can hear the communication from the teacher.

4. Please dress appropriately, as you would for attending a regular in-school day.

5. Any personal recording, manipulation or broader sharing outside of the class of these sessions is strictly prohibited.

6. Do your best to meet timelines, commitments, and due dates.

7. Comply with Niagara Academy Code of Conduct, including expectations for online etiquette and behaviour.
– Online or virtual behaviour and language should also reflect the decorum, respect and tone of a formal classroom setting.
– Students should not extend their interactions or learning with teachers to other personal communication or social media platforms such as Instagram, or Facebook
– If a student or teacher is concerned about someone or something they witness in an online platform that suggests a student is in need of protection, they should report the incident to Mr. Moore, General Manager without delay.

8. Complete assignments with integrity and academic honesty, doing your best work.

9. Monitor your Brightspace communication regularly to check for announcements from school administration, the Principal or teachers.

10. Communicate with your teachers, without delay if you cannot meet deadlines or require additional support.

11. There shall be no harassment or bullying online. Any online behaviour that hurts members of the community or has harmful impacts on the school as a whole is considered cyber-harassment and will not be tolerated.

12. Students under the age of 13 should have a parent or a guardian present (in the learning space and aware of the meeting) when meeting with a teacher online.

13. Every synchronous class will be recorded and will be posted. Any remarks made verbally and via the comment feature will be recorded and posted online.